New York acquires massive combination therapy drugs to fight the ChiCom Virus

Talking Ed Note: Lamestream Media hardest hit. They are quite literally creating a mass psychosis with people hoarding toilet paper. Toilet paper! In addition, the same media, often in lockstep with the Chinese Communists government’s talking points are whistling past the graveyard ignoring the suffering of tens of millions of Americans while predicting millions will be dead here.

These people are an utter disgrace.

A physician from Lennox Hill spoke of these drugs being used against the virus in France, South Korea and China and noted of 100 patients admitted fighting the virus, none had died based on the “off label” use.

The “Enemy of the People” Media has spent days concocting any and all worst case scenario since President Trump referenced optimism in using this combination therapy for people infected.

It’s this media literally referencing people from around the world who have died using these drugs in mishaps of their own making outside of prescribed use. They tried to see the application of this combination therapy used here halted before it began, but they’ve FAILED!

New York City is ground zero for this pandemic. Governor Cuomo is embracing the federal assistance and taking responsibility to act and not complain or point a finger like Big Bird in New York City who did nothing to obtain supplies needed. He was too busy going to the gym while Governor Cuomo understands and is acting with the knowledge the buck stops with him. He’s the governor and is acting in coordination with federal assistance.

People who have a minimal understanding of the government understand that state power with their vendor lists means they can obtain goods and services faster that way then trying to submit memo requests up to the federal government.

Thankfully, Governor Cuomo understands and is acting with all this in mind knowing he needs cooperation from people at all levels especially those who are his constituents.

People should recognize as Governor Cuomo clearly does, the country is on a wartime footing and there’s been no challenge like this in living memory since FDR.

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