New year, new opportunities, and in 2013 new politics?

The bell tolls for 2012 as we enter 2013 and there’s the good news and then the bad news.  First the good news.  Hoboken has no election anywhere in sight, meaning all the hatred, posturing greed, grandstanding and MORTe obstruction you are guaranteed to see delivered to you this year is about one of two things:

  • a major Hoboken election year.
  • the swing vote vacancy on the council re: Jim Doyle

In November, Hoboken will vote for mayor and three at-large council seats.  MORTe is well aware its continuous attempt to destroy the Zimmer Administration has failed to date but hey they did give it the good ole college try.  From refusing to approve basic vehicle upgrades for Environmental Services and the desperately needed infrastructure at the Hoboken Police Department for months to almost smothering the hospital sale, there was no damage the Old Guard council was not willing to inflict on Hoboken if it could lay into Mayor Zimmer.

The good news is you won’t have to suffer through their power grabs, corrupt practices and attempts to wet their beaks with another Reform sweep this November.  To arms, to arms!

Then there’s the matter of the Jim Doyle appointment.  Councilman Michael Russo was in fact correct; five votes were required among the eight members when Carol Marsh reluctantly tendered her resignation after a family crisis.  MSV went back to 2009 and reviewed the tape of the last appointment when Mayor Zimmer moved upstairs creating a vacancy in her fourth ward seat and Corporation Counsel Ed Buzak said five votes for an open council appointment.

MORTe acted on this in October by making sure no five votes would be available within a 30 day window as required by State law.  This was the game being played all along so no repeat performance of a tie breaking vote would occur as it did when the mayor cast the decisive vote in 2009.

However, a full council vote ordered by Judge Peter Bariso last month was stayed when Beth Mason’s allowance money  performed its usual selfish action against the people of Hoboken by appealing the judicial requirement she and Michael Russo show up and vote with all council members on the vacant council seat at the same meeting.

MORTe’s appeal will be adjudicated the earlier part of January.  From the legal briefings obtained here, it’s not going to earn them the desired result but it doesn’t preclude additional appeals even after Judge Bariso calls them out on their staged absences and the court again orders a vote.

A full vote of the City Council should take place if this holds to form at some time in January.

Judge Bariso did not buy into the notion you can hide from voting for 30 days and then say “Look Ma (Russo) we win, no (show of) hands!”  Some folks were fooled at the last meeting by Councilman Russo grandstanding to Hoboken reform activist Phil Cohen.   See the little show in the video clip below where he says he hopes “your children never have a fever where you wind up in a hospital…”

Notice Russo never claims he was in the hospital.  It’s a slick ruse that many people “heard” him using this as his excuse for an absence, except he didn’t.  Nice job Mikie!

As for Beth Mason’s inexcusable absence at the first council vacancy vote in October, MSV challenged Councilwoman Terry Castellano (as it had in print previously) when she claimed at the last council meeting Mason was out of the country.  Nothing but crickets there.

Beth Mason has yet to utter a word herself on why she not only failed to attend, but also did not call in on the important matter of a vote to fill a council vacancy.  Then there’s the little witness problem of being seen in town before the meeting.

This town has suffered a great deal with the hurricane.  Thankfully, the mayor has taken her job seriously enough to reduce spending more than $12 million since she’s held the budget reins at least offsetting some of the emergency costs.  She also fought hard for Hoboken to maintain a budget surplus although she was not able to hit the 5% minimum she sought largely due to the intransigence of Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano.  All four of them tried to zero out the surplus the mayor requested the last two years.  Mason herself spent a lot of time and allowance money to deceive the public on the value of a budget surplus.

MORTe almost achieved their objective to eliminate every last cent of budget reserves in their lame duck status back in 2011 but stood no chance against five votes in 2012.  (Thank you again Councilwoman Jen Giattino, an absolute rock for Hoboken!)

This humorous video clip is an absolute gem.  Note when Council President Peter Cunningham mentions MORTe’s attorney, former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman when they beseech for time in public portion to interject.  He had Beth Mason saying Corporation Counsel was their lawyer.  In the same meeting Mason would attack and say the Corporation Counsel wasn’t her lawyer.

Talking Ed Note: Did you know that Timmy Occhipinti thinks he should carry (more) water for the Old Guard and be its candidate for mayor?
Stop laughing.  It could really happen with the Old Guard top of the ticket in disarray against a formidable mayor.

Beth Mason who couldn’t get elected dog catcher has seen no condemnation or punishment for her illegal untold thousands given to the BoE Move Forward slate.  An estimated $50,000 or more in expenditures have never been accounted for in the Old Guard’s November campaigning including hundreds of Hoboken Housing Authority “campaign workers” paid $50 a vote in a wet and wilted VBM effort that may have seen its output closer to four figures.

Ask yourself, do you think getting away with all that law breaking will discourage Beth Mason and her family from doing the same or worse to unseat a popular mayor and/or one at-large council seat?

The vehicle likely used wouldn’t solely be the Mason Civic League “charity” but the “Friends of Beth Mason” campaign committee. That committee’s 2012 treasurer was one Ricky Mason of Wachtell Lipton who would also a party to the illegal donations under the Mason family banner.

With all their illegality and political lawsuits making a mockery of the Hudson County courts, the Mason Syndicate is overtaking the Russo Syndicate as the number one political crime family in Hoboken.

Congratulations Beth – you’re finally number one.

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