New video strikes at the heart of Ravi Bhalla’s conflicted Suez contract heart


Hoboken’s contentious mayoral election is red hot. If the trail isn’t warm enough for you, there’s this commercial looking production flying around town about Ravi Bhalla and the Suez water contract.  Although it’s not clear where it originates, there’s many opponents who would be so motivated.

Or perhaps a citizen’s group is retaliating for Ravi Bhalla’s pay to play PAC connections as seen on the Fox News channel commercials connected to the massive proposed NJ Transit development downtown.

Either way, there’s more fur flying in the final week of a contentious Hoboken election.


Talking Ed Note: MSV believes it’s the first to publish this commercial. If anyone sees this on TV, please alert Horsey @
Traffic continues to see double-digit increases week to week meaning voters are tuning in.

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