New HUMC CEO expresses thanks

In an emailed statement, the new CEO of HUMC Phillp Schaengold expressed his appreciation to the people involved in aiding in the successful sale of the hospital and HUMC employees stating:

“We are pleased that this process has come to an end and excited to lead HUMC into a promising and bright future.  On behalf of the hospital, I want to thank the efforts of Mayor Zimmer and the City of Hoboken, Governor Christie and the State of New Jersey, HMHA Chairwoman Tomarazzo, and members of the HMHA and HUMC Boards.  We are especially grateful to the hospital’s physicians, employees, and Hoboken community members for their support and loyalty.  Working together, we can make HUMC one of the state’s best hospitals.  HUMC will undergo a significant transformation in the next few years as we invest in major improvements to support the hospital’s employees and provide high quality patient care.”
Talking Ed Note: For those who did not see it earlier, Phillip Schaengold participated in an October press conference at HUMC.  Here’s the full unedited remarks of his appearance with Mayor Dawn Zimmer and HMHA Chairwoman Toni Tomarazzo.
MSV would like to note there is no thanks expressed to the “city council minority” or anyone from MORTe.  It’s a safe guess none will be forthcoming.  Everyone knows the truth.

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