New Council order @ 7:00

It’s not the actual new council being seated tonight. This evening the Mile Square City will feature three lame duck members on their way out.

Beth Mason who unleashed a torrent of venom at Councilwoman Jen Giattino as her outgoing lasting memory to her fellow council members; Tim Occhipinti who actually leaves on an up note under his own power with some positive votes this calendar year and of course Terry Castellano who last night reportedly was telling people she had won.

Does that surprise any close observer?

Big item up is an ordinance for redevelopment of Neumann Leathers Rehabilitation with a presentation. The public across the board from artists to tentants will be most interested in the flourish of details.

The Hoboken Police Department has a new 2016 Ford Explorer on tap if approved.

The question tonight is what will the swan song mean to the tenor of the meeting and any indication for the future? With a 7-2 Reform majority taking hold January, it’s time for the grassroots, activists and residents from every corner to put forward ideas and innovation to make Hoboken better.

Based on the exploding post-election traffic, it appears many were caught off guard by the stunning Reform victory last night. Hoboken is no longer divided. The insipid arguments, catcalling, lawsuits, threats and intimidation are or should be over. (MSV has a new December 11th trial date for Beth Mason’s criminal complaint but hey, that’s politics, right?)

A new day has Dawn-ed.

Let’s Go Hoboken!

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