New BM video announces her re-election

Coming on the heels of the fourth ward special election, actually nipping at its feet as the candidates try to move forward, Councilwoman Mason does what she does best, try to center the attention back on herself.

We can only guess she told Tim Occhipinti she’ll make it up to him with greenbacks.  Or maybe she just told him to be quiet and keep following her stated political reality that too often is no true reality at all.  In this video, BM takes credit for the recent county work paving Hoboken roads.  Why?  Because she can, that’s why.

There’s little doubt next spring the 2nd ward will be the most expensive council race in Hoboken history.  Will anyone even contest that big checkbook?  MSV believes they will.

Here’s a hint on who is up to it:

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Tom Greaney is believed ready to take on the challenge of facing Beth Mason for the 2nd ward council seat next spring.  Here he posed with 2nd ward resident Patricia Waiters at the recent debate hosted at the Jubilee Center.

Update: Early reaction to the news is a mixture of shock and disbelief.  To further the insanity, people are emailing Da Horsey saying BM has commercials up on Monday Night Football.  We just missed it flipping the dial.

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