Nevada Berned down

They’ve been counting the results for days in Nevada and are starting to get the hang of it. With 96% of the vote counted, here are the latest figures as of this morning in the Democrat Nevada caucus:

It’s not clear when the other four percent of the vote will be tallied but we are expecting Iowa results to be completed by midweek.

Nevada is facing similar challenges as Iowa with Mayor Cheat challenging the vote but two delegates are currently added to his column.

On Saturday, South Carolina, the heralded firewall for Democrat & DNC Media frontrunner Joe Biden will make his big stand in that upcoming primary against Bernie Sanders.

The Democrat Party Super PAC moneymen are in the wings and considering additional primary changes for the 2020 nomination. It’s a progressive moveable feast.

Should a party name change be in the works as billionaire Mike Bloomberg looks to make an entry?

How does the Plutocrat Party sound?

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