Nanny State Cometh: Ravi Bhalla shovels plastic bag ban with special “exemption” he’ll allow

City Council rolls over for Mayor Ravi Bhalla’s plastic bag ban with special “exemption” he decides
The Hoboken City Council passes the vast majority of what the Ravi Bhalla Administration places before it but this time it may have gone too far.
Ravi Bhalla put up an ordinance to ban plastic bags in Hoboken. In addition to that Nanny State Wet Dream, he’s added a poison pill. Only he can offer an exemption to the ordinance.
Can you say “special political contributors” three times in a row?

Talking Ed Note: The City Council passed Ravi Bhalla’s ban the plastic bag ordinance on first reading by a vote of 9-0 proving that diversity only extends to colors and not thinking.

Conformity of thought is what we’re seeing here with political correctness running amok tied with a bow of potential political corruption.

This Portlandia episode to Ban the bag was published by MSV on its YouTube channel in 2012. It’s easily the most popular video exceeding over 309,000 views.

No one on the Hoboken City Council apparently has bothered to watch it. Common sense has escaped them as they kowtow to Ravi Bhalla and his mighty sword of political correctness, with a handy exemption he decides, don’t ya know.

It must be a hard decision as we’ve all been told how plastic bags cause pelican cancer. You don’t want to hurt the pelicans, never the pelicans. 

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