Mumford & Sons at Pier A in Hoboken

The show went on and the rain never showed…

but 15,000 people did to the sold out show, the first of its kind in Hoboken at Pier A.
Great venue, great music, great crowd….

Good times

Related: The Star Ledger covered the event saying they want to come back to Hoboken for more.

A commenter there wrote:

SPOT-ON REVIEW !!! just got home from this terrific concert. The NYC skyline is unparalled. The Freedom Tower in the backdrop, through the light phases of rainy late afternoon through dusk with sun bursting through, then darkness..with strobe lights from stage streamng across the river. and then the fireworks 🙂 Mumford & Sons were world class and started their US Tour with a bang!! and Dawes was great too !!! HOBOKEN…YOU DONE GOOD !!!!!! It was really very well done, I agree with you Tris! One question though…does anyone know what that fighter plane was doing with the helicopter escort flying over the river and so close to the Tower?? It was obviously a show plane of some type, but it was pretty nerve-wracking the first time we saw it flying so low and close…. 🙂

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