MSV Weekend Campaign Special: Hoboken Poll Alert


Well, things are really cooking on Hoboken’s election front with reports of a telephone poll underway.

A MSV reader offered their edition of the phone poll they received. Here’s some of the questions they captured and relayed.

Asking for responses, favorable or unfavorable for the following (MSV has added the titles of elected officials in brackets):

(Councilman) Dave Mello
(Mayor) Dawn Zimmer
Karen Nason
Phil Murphy
(City Council President) Jen Giattino
(Councilman) Michael Russo
(Councilman) Ravi Bhalla
(State Senator) Brian Stack
(Councilman) Mike DeFusco
(BoE trustee) Peter Biancamano
(Freeholder) Anthony Romano

Question on if Hoboken is on the right or wrong track/direction, who would you vote for?

Question on your top two issues among the following: schools and education, crime and safety, corruption and ethics; taxes: municipal and county, dirty streets, affordable housing, parks and open space, traffic and parking, flooding and infrastructure.

Possible push poll descriptions of City Council President Jen Giattino, Freeholder Anthony Romano, Mike DeFusco, Karen Nason and Ronald Bautista followed with another ask, who would you vote for and did those descriptions change your choice?

Some of the details on mayoral candidates suggested:

As one example, Jen Giattino was described in “fluffy” terms.
Four believed supportive statements of Anthony Romano.
Two unsupportive statements asking if there are doubts due to Romano running for freeholder and mayor?
Do you have doubts about Mike DeFusco who is funded by developers?

Talking Ed Note: This is not a complete or certified list of the questions in this ongoing Hoboken telephone poll. But it’s indicative of the serious campaign activity with four major mayoral campaigns underway.

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