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Originally, the impetus behind MSV premium was to supplement content for supporters and offset the many hours invested in protecting Hoboken and its citizenry against the dregs, thieves and political whores who believe looting it is an opportunity and birthright. In 2012, a frivolous lawsuit filed against this editor announced in a live July City Council meeting 15 days before its filing by former Councilwoman Beth Mason changed all that.

Almost five years in, Mason’s “friends” – the plaintiffs claim not to have any money to pay over $276,000 in sanctions for frivolous litigation while generating another $250,000 in legal fees for the post-trial appellate stage since 2015. Yeah, something is rotten in Denmark.

This website while never seeing a single defamation claim against it was most definitely targeted and likely is to this day. Here’s just a few of the quintessential reasons why:

  • Independently, officials after the election seeing Dawn Zimmer set for a term as mayor told MSV it was responsible for the outcome overcoming a huge financial effort by Beth Mason to win the City Hall mayoralty as she and her army of paid political operatives claimed Zimmer was “hiding the budget” and would increase taxes. The Big Lie failed. Since there’s no polling of any reliability here, MSV has always declined to accept the accolades.
  • 2009 – ? In a classic David vs. Goliath match up, MSV reported on the antics and attacks of former Councilwoman Beth Mason who sought power by almost any means utilizing a rumored seven figure annual political budget. MSV with no annual budget and on the basis of word of mouth alone garnered millions and millions of visits overcoming the massive disparity. The Old Guard anti-Hoboken agenda was replaced with Second Ward Councilwoman Tiffanie Fisher, a dramatic improvement for the Mile Square City.

Mason’s war on speech in Hoboken drew blood but in the end failed. So too, her bottomless pit of ambition to have power over Hoboken residents. The hospital saga became widely known.

MSV finds itself joining classical liberals who staunchly defend the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment and the US Constitution against its enemies foreign and domestic. Many Hoboken residents have stood behind this website and in doing so helped the Mile Square City’s fight for good government and the full and free public participation of its citizens. It wasn’t planned; it did however turn out that way.

Stand together; once more unto the breech dear friends, once more. Please join MSV Premium. At $75, it’s the biggest bang for the buck you’ll ever make in this mile square city we call home.

Thank you.  To sign up:

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Via snail mail: checks or money orders to Roman Brice
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