MSV Hoboken-a-thon

For some time, people have suggested there be a time put aside for the public to support the work here on behalf of the Mile Square City. So we’ll give it a shot. There’s a donate button below.

MSV now into its eighth year focuses on bringing illumination and accountability in the public square to those who hold office and impact its citizenry. The joke Hoboken politics is a contact sport; it’s not a joke. MSV legal bills are available to those who wish to see the frivolous damages well into six figures. The cost however, in life, liberty and blood spilt on the ground of the Mile Square City is not recoverable. That’s the price of doing business when you don’t come hat in hand seeking favors or trade for personal enrichment. The tide in Hoboken through the leadership of some honest, solid officials, elected and appointed has turned. Completely. It’s taken years and hard knocks for many along the way.

This editor has seen threats with fabricated and frivolous legal actions almost as numerous as its years of operation. Political operatives and lackeys eagerly filed false criminal reports and voiced their willingness to perjure themselves under oath with their paymaster eventually following suit on the witness stand in a court of law. All of those efforts failed and cause more than a little agita among the pathological liars. That destructive path remains unwinding.

There’s been an internal rot of cancer feeding off the internal organs of this town in its public institutions for decades and putting it to pasture came at a price.  No complaint here. There was never any wavering or retreat. Not to attempts at physical intimidation and assaults, not to threats to ransack the home or the handful of utterly frivolous legal actions, both criminal and civil.

MSV has seen millions and millions of views and been influential in Hoboken news and elections back to 2009. There’s too many exclusives to highlight here. It’s not necessary to delve into the obvious; its impact has helped transform Hoboken for the better seeing removed a nasty political climate devastating to its political life and detrimental to fair and free public participation, political speech and transparency between government and the people it claims to represent.

The Horse can go on all day but won’t. It’s your turn. Speak now and hit the “donate” button or forever hold your peace.

Thanks for your kind consideration.

Isaiah 41:10 – Fear you not; for I am with you: be not dismayed; for I am your God: I will strengthen you; yes, I will help you; yes, I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness.

Talking Ed Note: Mayor Dawn Zimmer deserves much credit. She’s promised to deliver a flat budget again this year. That means a record of flat taxes over her entire tenure, quite an achievement. In her first term, a hospital teetering on the verge of bankruptcy and tied to the town in bonds to the tune of tens of millions was one disaster averted. The most evil, heinous forces in this town sought to perpetuate the opposite outcome. No one is perfect but on the whole she’s lived up to her creed and her promises. It’s not very often we can say that happens in the political world.

A revamped council has an honest, spirited energy and its members are doing hard and important work, much of it outside council chambers. While one can agree or disagree on any specific issue, its members on the whole are working toward improving and aiding Hoboken, not cynically exploiting it.

It’s a sign of the times, helluva ride. Up the Republic!

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