City Council begins undoing November municipal elections


In a near unanimous vote on first reading, the Hoboken City Council voted 8-0-1 to begin rescinding the ordinance moving municipal elections from May to November.  The lone abstention came from Councilwoman Terry Castellano who noted she is awaiting additional background information.

The move comes after a petition submitted to the City Clerk’s office exceeded the required numbers to have the question on the ballot this November where there’s little to gain the interest of most voters in a likely low turnout election.

That petition requested the City Council repeal the ordinance that would have seen municipal elections held on a more typical November election day when turnout is likely to be significantly higher.

Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin explained the necessity of the special meeting to meet the 20 day timing requirement since the submitted petition.  A second special meeting on September 13th will be held to allow for the possible repeal of the ordinance.  Should it pass, there will be no need for a November referendum as its request for keeping municipal elections in May will be met.

The cat and mouse game of when to hold the city municipal elections is likely to continue beyond rescinding the ordinance to hold November elections, at least for now.

Not quite a full house. Only Council members Mike Russo and
Tim Occhipinti didn’t make the Saturday special meeting.

Talking Ed Note:  The ordinance for November municipal elections is all but over except for the shouting of one aggrieved political operative bleating his little lying lungs out at Hoboken Patch.  The petition sought to have November municipal elections repealed and so it will.

2012 is an election year and the matter is likely to be revisited when perhaps a new front group not backed by Frank “Pupie” Raia “Let Even More People Decide” puts it on the ballot.  They’ll get a chance to bite at the apple again as a last resort but the terms will be vastly different in a Presidential election year.

See you in 2012.

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