MSV asks for your support as we enter the hot summer season

Dear Friends,

The battle for Hoboken wages on, we’re a town where the shooting never stops and MSV is in the middle if not initiating fire.  There’s good news with an election for mayor and three critical at-large council seats up next spring – Reform has never been stronger in countering the forces of the old, dark ways.
MSV has been on the front lines with a growing audience reaching tens of thousands of visitors a month.  Since 2009, the impact has been strong from the first ever interview with the late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi on taxes going down and the results on the mayoral election to breaking/reviving the Michael Russo FBI video story, to voter fraud and corruption of every variety with numerous exclusives along the way.
This website is a responsibility to both you and Hoboken as a whole.  Please consider what you can to help Da Horsey continue to engage the battle.  
MSV will be working to keep you abreast of big developments as summer heats up and expect more special premium content features to come to you directly via email.

Suggested premium content/site support donation is $75.  However, all support is greatly appreciated.
This War Horse is counting on you as we approach a hot summer.  
Da Horsey, SmartyJones

Will trample corruption for carrots

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