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From the first interview with the late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi, what senior City officials called decisive to the 2009 mayoral election to unveiling the previously unknown Solomon Dwek bribe meeting with Councilman Michael Russo shaping the upcoming 2013 mayoral race, this website’s impacted Hoboken in a major way.

There’s been scores of exclusives, political operations revealed, growth beyond tens of thousands of visitors a month, but those two stories show how an online reform david came out of nowhere, took on Goliath and won.

Our Mile Square City is an island of active reform in the belly of the HudCo beast.  It’s reason to take pause and not with a little pride. The victories are not ours alone; it belongs to everyone and of course all of Hoboken.

From supporting reform candidates, to sharing an article on MSV, to refusing to lie down and accept the status quo and wanting to make Hoboken better, both Old and New Hoboken standing up against the Old Guard and the Hoboken Sopranos – all can take credit.

It comes at a cost.  A lot of Old Guard anger has boiled up from seeing truth escape into the public domain.  For example, the Russo clan was comfortable controlling the media narrative and to some extent it does so today, but it’s grown frustrated in how it no longer can do so exclusively.  The frustration of seeing Michael Russo’s aspirations to control Hoboken as mayor ended with the consistent efforts here to unveil his meeting with Solomon Dwek and the attempted revisionist history disguising the true nature of their lunch.  The story isn’t over as the Russo clan push back led to another scandal in the unfinished story of the Data Theft Ring Conspiracy.  It’s the boomerang that hasn’t stopped whacking the Hoboken Sopranos.

A year ago while winding up an interview, one Old Guard foot soldier warned Da Horsey about an upcoming lawsuit against this website because Da Horsey “made people angry.” They didn’t disagree one iota on the anger deriving from MSV telling the truth; they certainly couldn’t argue about the lack of ability to respond as Da Horsey takes on all comers and detests censorship.

In early August, the prediction and Beth Mason’s July City Council threat proved true when Da Horsey joined a dozen plus other Hoboken residents in a SLAPP suit.  No surprise it’s typical to what one Union City judge called dirty Hudson County politics.  This struggle is about standards and values and principally who gets to hold rein over the money in Hoboken institutions.  Times are hard and the Old Guard wants back in on the piggy bank: what Patrick Ricciardi so arrogantly but definitively said with his Hoboken forum screen name, “Loveyourtaxmoney.”

With reform’s rising under the stewardship of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Da Horsey has been threatened, repeatedly assaulted (even within feet of the silently approving employer) and suffered false witness borne out in court actions all with an eye to silence this website and keep critical information from reaching the Hoboken public. 

Please support MSV in 2013 with a suggested contribution of $75.  No more talk, time to pony up.

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Listening to Old Guard braggarts is hard work.  Worse, it’s painful to the ears like this call for fascist censorship over satire on Spock’s Star Trek Vulcan grip by Timmy Occhipinti.

Right, bleeping Star Trek.  There was no criminal investigation, there’s no guarantee required under the First Amendment on political satire and no “credible threat,” as Timmy Occhipinti claimed.

Tim Occhipinti wasn’t acting solo in his ugly assault on the First Amendment.  He was backed by Beth Mason arranging to have the Hoboken Police Department send detectives to a Hoboken mom’s home who faced interrogation for an hour with her young daughter home.

This didn’t happen in 1939 Nazi Germany or in the Soviet Union but in the United States of America – in the 21st century.  In Hoboken. 

In the words of former President Harry Truman:

“Once a government is committed to the principle of silencing the voice of opposition, it has only one way to go, and that is down the path of increasingly repressive measures, until it becomes a source of terror to all its citizens and creates a country where everyone lives in fear.” 

Tim Occhipinti backed by Beth Mason along with Michael Russo and Terry Castellano didn’t attempt to silence the voice of one Hoboken mom, they tried to crush it and set an example for others.  When that failed, they backed it under other guises, going after over a dozen Hoboken voices.

Did any media decry this horrendous behavior, question it or call it out of bonds?  No, they sat by and watched the First Amendment spat on like so much cheap tissue paper even as they make their own livelihood under its auspices.

That’s not even the worst, far from it.  No media took issue with the sabotage of the only possible buyer saving Hoboken University Medical Center, a political operation which would have likely bankrupted the City of Hoboken with an $80 million price tag.  Suppressing the truth is one thing but pumping out same day propaganda from the Hoboken Sopranos and on a Sunday no less was one travesty too far.

You want to know what Mayor Dawn Zimmer and the reform council members are up against week in and week out, there’s a perfect in your face example of it.  Don’t even get Da Horsey started on the Star Ledger and the fanciful imaginations of Jarrett Renshaw.  They preferred to see HUMC go under for ideological reasons rather than have it be sold and kept open under private ownership.  MSV told Renshaw before a key council meeting his same day story the hospital was closing was wrong.  He rewarded the heads up by making up lies about Da Horsey later at that meeting in his next story.  (YouTube here for details.)

Unlike other media, MSV has no political sponsors.  It’s been hilarious reading the occasional political operative screed cry about an imagined “deal.”  What was originally started as a short thank you in 2009 took off into something far bigger than imagined.

It’s been a great experience learning first hand about the beautiful fabric of Hoboken, its people: past and present.  But make no mistake about it, most of you reading this are the brethren, the people who pay the freight, who cry out for decency in government, and calling out for a voice against the in-your-face corruption.

Has MSV stood up against the Hoboken Sopranos and the Machine?  Then stand now with MSV because there’s nothing more noble than the Horse.

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