MSTA looking to reverse subsidized housing votes thrown out by county in rent control ballot election


The Mile Square Taxpayers Association (MSTA) is seeking to reverse the latest rent control ballot election results in a court action challenging controversial VBM ballots tossed out by the Hudson County Board of Elections.

Last year a NJ court overturned the narrow 52 pro rent control ballot question victory with questionable provisional ballots showing addresses from NJ residents who lived outside of Hoboken The court had ruled voting rights of Hoboken residents were impacted after Hurricane Sandy disrupted residents.

The court eventually altered its ruling and ordered the same rent control ballot question back on the ballot last month where the question failed, this time by 122 votes.

MSTA filed a legal challenge saying the Hudson County Board of Elections improperly threw out Vote by Mail votes and in-person votes placed at their Jersey City office in advance of election day.

A Hudson County election official declined to speak on the record due to the pending litigation but acknowledged hundreds of paper ballots were ruled invalid from the parts of town known for systematic compromised voting integrity.

In total 286 VBM ballots were rejected in Hoboken.  188 were rejected for undisclosed assistance.  Any Vote by Mail ballot aided by anyone not the voter themselves must sign and disclose their role along with the voter.

“This has got to stop,” the official stated in reference to the escalating misuse of Vote by Mail ballots and the new “shuttle” of voters to the Board of Election offices before Election Day.  Referencing the effort by MSTA, the view of the legal effort was seen as less than benign:

“They are spending money because they think they can flip 122 of the 188 votes. “
         – Hudson County Board of Elections official on MSTA’s legal effort.

It’s unclear how many of the 188 ballots were declared invalid due to the lack of supporting signatures.  MSTA may be focusing on that group for where it will seek to obtain most if not all of the 123 votes needed to overturn a second election result on a rent control question in as many years.

Last week MSTA’s press release also complained about voters being turned away at the Jersey City Board of Elections.  It’s unknown how many of those, if any, may be challenged.  An earlier “Grist for the Mill” story detailed an effort to shuttle minority voters to the County Board of Elections last October from Frank “Pupie” Raia’s Civic Association at 5th and Jefferson.

The operation of busing Hoboken voters to the county office was described by one reliable witness as “the Mason Shuttle” referencing the second ward councilwoman Beth Mason who backed the One Hoboken Move Forward campaign headed by Timmy Occhipinti.

As MSV exclusively reported, the Department of Justice, the federal arm the FBI reports into was  investigating into the same area of questionable votes, in the Hoboken Housing Authority and subsidized housing before and after the election.

Questionable ballots in Hoboken’s Vote by Mail Old Guard army may be further
scrutinized as MSTA seeks to apply ones thrown out to overturn the rent control ballot question.
What federal law enforcement agency may be interested in the evidence and witnesses?

Talking Ed Note: MSV previously noted both Old Guard campaigns had slugged it out to a draw in subsidized housing regarding the controversial usage of Vote by Mail in the back of the fourth ward in the Hoboken Housing Authority.   The conclusion was made based on valid votes tabulated but is incorrect based on the true tallies of votes submitted and ruled invalid by the County Board of Elections.

The trial date on the rent control ballot question is set for January 17th in Hudson County Superior Court.

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