“Ms. Mason you know everybody else know about your vendetta with Mr. Brice”

Last night’s City Council meeting was in tandem the unofficial start of election season. With six of the nine Hoboken City Council seats up for election this November, the cascade began.

Important issues were on the table. The matter of eminent domain and the City of Hoboken is front and center with BASF and the six acres in northwest Hoboken the City wishes to use for flood resilency, a park and a first ever municipal garage uptown.

Eduardo Gonzalez, fifth ward candidate on the
Carmelo Garcia Ticket asked the council
why they didn’t take a developer deal?
The discussions however are confidential

Six votes are required and once again it was Timmy Occhipinti who may have delivered the needed and impending final vote. The ordinances presented on first reading just managed the votes for passage if the same votes are made at the next meeting.

The looming question parallel to this major issue before Hoboken; how did fifth ward council candidate Eduardo Gonzalez obtain detailed information on internal negotiations between BASF and the City?

Gonzalez addressed the council in public portion asking why they did not accept a “free” deal from the developer in exchange for building on two acres.

The issue and Gonzalez’s remarks will clearly be part of campaign chatter into November. Deja vu ‘all over again’ being only one when it comes to developer promises in Hoboken for given things “free.”

Councilman Dave Mello inquired how this was possible and what legal remedies are available.

Beth Mason returned from her unannounced, unofficial summer vacation after dropping out of sight July 8th when Hudson Superior Court delivered its final verdict ordering $280,000 in sanctions against the SLAPP-suit she publicly supported when filed by those who worked to advance her political career for years.

Mason told no one why she dropped out of sight and over eight weeks missed four consecutive City Council meetings.

The City Council was forced to address the issue as under NJ law, a council member automatically vacates the seat when inactive and unexcused for eight weeks. The related statute allows the body to forgive two months of consecutive MIA behavior if there’s an illness or another reason it deems appropriate.

The closed session forced Beth Mason to linger with the public in the halls of government by the City Clerk’s office. She was reportedly heard yelling into her phone at someone after learning the council would have to address the matter of her inexcused behavior under current NJ law.

Vagaries about “family” were apparently deemed acceptable and it was noted previously Mason had attempted to show up for one late July special meeting but its brevity and her lateness precluded her attendance at all. The resolution passed without objection or discussion at the start of the public session. Mason offered nothing by way of public comment. Will she at least return the public’s money for her actions?

The literal and figurative second ward City Council seat was vacated last night. Here it was empty as Beth Mason left the dais to go speak in the hallway with Patricia Waiters. The actual seat had been vacated by Mason for unexcused absences over eight weeks as stated in NJ law. The Council voted to forgive the unexplained two month inattentiveness of the former second ward council member reinstating her to finish the term. Grafix Avenger who uncovered the NJ law wonders if one can do so from Virginia?

Patty Waiters, Hoboken’s perennial candidate who has replaced Lane Bajardi’s role defending Beth Mason and the Old Guard let out some inadvertent truth. In her diatribes at the council, she harped on the elections and directed her vast misinformation on topics ranging from corruption to former mayor and convicted felon Peter Cammarano.

For some odd reason, the former Peter Cammarano umbrella holder also claimed the convicted mayor took no bribe money. For the record, it was $25,000 for zoning variances for a thought developer.

On the list of Waiters exhumations, somehow against all odds the truth leaked out with this statement:

“Ms. Mason you know, everybody else know about your vendetta with Mr. Brice”
                                                               – Patricia Waiters

Talking Ed Note: Since it’s election season, the truth unfortunately will be under assault in the Mile Square. MSV would like to clarify two of the latest pieces of misinformation being circulated.

First, MSV has not departed Hoboken. That misinformation apparently has been making its way around City Hall. More unfortunate is a series of public commentary on the fifth ward candidate Eduardo Gonzalez’s Facebook page.

Last night, Eduardo Gonzalez spoke against eminent domain and Hoboken acquiring the six acres from BASF in northwest Hoboken. It’s absolutely an arguable position but he didn’t stop there.

Gonzalez who is the fifth ward candidate on The Carmelo Garcia Ticket went on to question why Hoboken doesn’t accept a BASF ‘deal’ trading on the six acres by taking four for free and allowing two to be developed.

Expect to hear more about developer deals and free. Hoboken has heard lots about free developer deals. Monarch Project anyone?

Councilman Dave Mello inquired for the Corporation Counsel to look into what the City Council has in way of remedies for confidential negotiations being leaked. Where have we seen this before?

Once again, it’s the Old Guard showing utter betrayal and contempt for the City and people of Hoboken. Did Councilwoman Terry Castellano hit the wrong button again? (Let me know Terry.)

Next, MSV spoke twice in brief remarks to the council. First on the City Council’s taking the high road on the vacated second ward council seat and then public portion. As one might guess the First Amendment was a central subject and the scandalous frivolous SLAPP-suit against a dozen Hoboken residents.

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Free speech lives here!

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