Most Hoboken Parks set to open Friday, Monarch blues to Municipal Garage and Budget Blues

The City of Hoboken will reopen the following parks this Friday for passive recreation:

Church Square Park
Elysian Park
Southwest Park
Stevens Park
Columbus Park (Hudson County park)
7th and Jackson Park and Plaza
Harborside Park
Maxwell Park
Pier A Park
Shipyard Park
Shoprite Green Plaza
Sinatra Park amphitheater
14th Street Viaduct between Grand and Adams Streets (Hudson County Park).

In other news, the Monarch Towers challenge in the NJ Supreme Court failed and the negotiation to move the development to the site of the Municipal Garage, started prior to the decision continues. 

Tonight the City Council will meet and consider more budget cuts including to three of the mayor’s direct reports, two from the mayor’s newly recreated Constituent Office. A filibuster assault is said to be in the works tonight with call-ins to save those non-essential positions following dozens of layoffs of Hoboken municipal workers taking effect.

The difference between the three versus almost 30 Hoboken people terminated? They are Ravi Bhalla insiders and the municipal workers were not.

This as the Mayor Ravi Bhalla budget deficit, unofficially in the vicinity of $12 million prior to the pandemic is speculated to have hit $20 million.

Something doesn’t add up.

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