MORTe action on funding City’s operations “arbitrary and capricious”

At the City Council Wednesday night, a discussion on the emergency appropriation saw comment by the Corporation Counsel that evening Melissa Longo.  She explained why MORTe’s attempt in the meeting to present limited funding for the City’s operations while the annual budget is under consideration is “arbitrary and capricious.”

While she’s explaining the foolhardiness of selectively choosing to make payments to one segment of public safety while ignoring paying City employee medical insurance, trash pickup and other related city services, attempts to interrupt her thoughts are fended off.

Tim Occhipinti and Michael Russo repeatedly attempt to curtail logic from getting out.

Talking Ed Note: The battle being waged in the short term emergency appropriation is cast correctly by the Corporation Counsel.  The Executive branch of Hoboken government is operating in its interest to continue funding the City’s operations until the budget workshops and process is completed.

MORTe is acting to undermine the City, to create crisis and damage the interests of the government’s functions including defending the city in dozens of ongoing legal cases such as the Monarch Project but in this case limit the damage among select public safety employees.

It’s completely accurate for the Corporation Counsel to call it what it is: “arbitrary and capricious.”

For Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, Michael Russo, and Terry Castellano re: MORTe, it’s business as usual.  Having earlier attempted to close the hospital and bankrupt Hoboken, this merely whets their appetite.

Related: Grafix Avenger offers some insight and background on another part of the meeting where a resolution honoring Sunshine week is offered up by Councilwoman Beth Mason after midnight with no public notice.  In the midst of an uproar over the “sunshine” in such a move, Mason barks out “release the emails.”

Those “emails” clearly referenced are the tens of thousands looted communications in and out of the mayor’s office under investigation from the FBI.  Mason is signaling her desire to see those emails made public so they will be rendered useless in the federal government’s investigation on the massive Data Theft Conspiracy.

Wonder why?  More on that to come.  Much more.

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