The more things change, the more they stay the same

Here’s a classic video clip from the previous wars between Chris Campos and Dawn Zimmer in their 2007 fourth ward election battles.

Notice the classic themes repeated in the video this past election about voter suppression as we lead into tomorrow’s discussion on Resolution no. 2 – supporting the Attorney General investigating Hoboken’s fourth ward election.  (And look who is standing with then Councilman Chris Campos in the video.)

There will be some strange utterances coming out of people’s mouths tomorrow on resolution no. 2.  Be prepared to hear lots of interest in including the 2007 fourth ward election in the resolution from the usual small cadre of Beth Mason fanatics, but one thing you can be sure, they won’t be interested in the anomaly in the election earlier this month nor will they have any interest in the street money distributed in the Beth Mason campaign in 2009.  In that mayoral campaign last year, checks for one amount were paid out and distributed in different amounts to multiple people – clear and obvious electoral violations.

When this came to light, Councilwoman Beth Mason told the Hudson Reporter she would conduct a self-investigation on the matter.  It’s been radio silence ever since and that goes double for her band of merry fraudster loving Occhipinti campaign crew participants.

Some have taken to erasing their comments online in an attempt to not have a Cammarano II event occur where they were the most vocal defending the corrupt king.  Or maybe they just don’t want to be too close to the expected investigation.  (Sorry guys it’s too late for that.)

Be prepared for a mountain of hypocrisy tomorrow led by an organized cabal of truth avoiders – yes, that means an organized political circus featuring the little angry Hoboken411 minion.  At 6:00 pm tomorrow, when the wife comes home after a hard day, he’ll be getting dressed and putting on a suit to “go to work,” spreading lies, distortion and disinformation, re: propaganda. 

At the Board of Elections everyone spoke about various concerns in the process and problems illustrating examples in the most recent election.  Except for the Hudson St. toady who urged the investigation be about the 2007 election.  Yes, he bypassed the open issues of the 2009 street money cash distributions.  What did you expect?

Watch Accusations Fly in Fourth Ward Race |  Video courtesy of the Wiley Coyote, Eric Kurta.

This video not seen in some time is a window into the fourth ward. The same issues come up with the same charges and the same corruption avoidance. Only this time, all the evidence points to massive, systematic violations of electoral law with the fraud on one side of the ledger.

Although Tim Occhipinti’s campaign says they welcome any investigation, their true sentiments clearly lie elsewhere. It was obvious to an astute observer at the last City Council meeting, joy was not in the air with Tim Occhipinti being sworn in and taking ex-councilman Mike Lenz’s chair.

It was the subdued anticipation of a shoe about to drop.  By week’s end two did.
The City Council’s resolution is non-binding, the only question is how Team Occhocorrupto will handle it.  They could just vote to approve it and quickly move on or they may try to table it or anything in between.

The more things change, the more they stay the same. This time with Paula Dow the Attorney General though, maybe not.

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