More illegal Picardo type construction on lower Park?

Questions are being raised on whether or not some carbon monoxide emitting construction should be razed by Grafix Avenger concerning gaseous expulsions from the home of the Bajardi’s on lower Park in Hoboken.

Similar to earlier questionable approvals by the former Hoboken construction official Al Arezzo, residents are wondering how a pipe emitting noxious gases and not of the repellant toxic kind on behalf of Councilwoman Beth Mason was approved a mere four feet from the window of another resident.

See below for the threat this presents in the exclusive photo provided by Grafix Avenger:

Last summer a protracted court battle led to another illegal addition on Castle Point by Louis Picardo being ordered razed by a judge.  That story broke on MSV last August.

Will we be seeing another questionable and dangerous construction being ordered removed?  See the original story “Code Problem” from Grafix Avenger yesterday:

Original photo courtesy of Grafix Avenger, octuplets not included.  

Talking Ed Note: MSV is not able to confirm the status of the other two octuplets.  Are they the latest victims of their notorious and noxious neighbors?  Does this explain the odd singular public defense of the foul mouthed former Hoboken construction office official on Hoboken Patch?

Tune in to a Hoboken Construction Office complaint near you as there’s more to come.

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