Free Speech, part deux

In reply to the Friday editorial, Horse Sense: “Lane Bajardi – You’re a sham,” we posed a query to the Mason Campaign on the use of the Councilwoman’s camera in the City Council Chamber.  Thom Ammirato, Communications Consultant in a statement indicated, “Sometimes the First Amendment has to supersede people’s comfort.   I am sure as long as the cameras were not an intrusion — no one would have a problem.”

We contacted the Zimmer Campaign as the Acting Mayor was the recipient of the commercial camerawork and invited comment and they declined.  No other campaign was queried but if they offer a statement, we’ll update.

Talking Ed Note: We remain steadfast in our stated concern on the public interest with filming in City Council chambers for strictly commercial purposes in a political campaign.  If the feed provided by the City of Hoboken was used, it would be no issue, as every person and/or campaign has equal access.

We thank the Beth Mason campaign for offering its perspective in the exchange.

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