Monarch development and campaign finance reform on tap at City Council meeting tonight @ 7:00

 Tonight’s City Council meeting sees a dispute over the Monarch development in the Second Ward. Councilwoman Beth Mason will have to face the opposition from her colleagues who likely don’t support it. Word on the street is she does.

This is the resolution put forward by the Mayor’s Administration on the Monarch Development.  A letter was featured in the Hudson Reporter by a resident complaining Councilwoman Beth Mason ignored their concerns on it and did not even acknowledge their constituent outreach.

Also campaign finance reform is on tap. Wheely, it is.

Again, Councilwoman Beth Mason who has ardently fought this legislation will fight it and could even threaten a lawsuit to challenge it. Tim Occhipnti has called it unconstitutional in the past but alas Occhipinti is no source on legal matters and the law elsewhere in New Jersey has stood up to such challenges just fine.

 The resolution pac documents can be found at the link:

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