Mile Square View to relaunch as Hoboken’s Pupino View

MSV after a successful two and half year run in Hoboken is being renamed.  The new website Hoboken’s Pupino View comes with the transfer to new ownership.  Terms of the sale have not been disclosed.

Local Hoboken developer and philanderist Frank Pupino Hateya will be taking over as Executive Publisher who is known to hold aspirations for high office in town. The role had been previously held by staunch Reformer Jimmy the K.

The surprise deal came about sources said with another local editor acting as a middleman passing along word a sale of Mile Square View would be accepted if an offer was made in the neighborhood of $500,000.  Although no clear finder fee was negotiated, designer boots were added into the deal as a courtesy to the editor.

The editor said she would pass along the message although there was no expectation she would do so.  A phone call between the parties led to a flurry of negotiations leading into the sale.

The new website will be relaunched on Wednesday and feature a new look.  The sale comes a little more than a year before Hoboken’s 2013 spring mayoral and at large council elections.

Da Horsey said in a statement, “I never thought MSV would become a source for so many exclusives and accurate news in Hoboken.  Originally the website was created as a way to give back to the community for the last part of 2009.  Having grown into the largest online resource for Hoboken’s active political scene, it’s time to turn over to more capable hands who will ably carry on.”

An unnamed brunette explained why MSV was sold.

Although it’s unknown what changes will appear on MSV other than a new look, Da Horsey is believed to be leaving town.  A mysterious dark brunette rumored to have an inside view on Horsey’s thinking said heavy money interests are expected to return to Hoboken and reclaim the turf they feel is theirs.  “He (horsey) doesn’t expect Mayor Zimmer or the Reform movement to survive being outspent 10-1 this time,” she said.  “Have you seen Reform voices at Council meetings pushing policy there or online?  Reform is just a small group of hard working people and their a spent force.  Even the mayor’s people know she doesn’t stand a chance next year.  Some of her allies are even said to be cutting deals anticipating the change.”

Sources confirmed Da Horsey’s plans with one saying, “You can hear the buzz and jabberwocky on the street.  There was no better time to get out.”

Final Talking Ed Note:  There’s a press release coming from Tim Occhipinti’s handlers expected on Tuesday.  Occhipinti is said to be calling a press conference to introduce plans for a series of towering 50 story buildings across Hoboken’s south end by NJ Transit and a 75 floor development in Hoboken’s west end by the Rockefeller group.

Both developers are said to be excited with the announcement and a possible Tim Occhipinti run for mayor sponsored by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Mason has been rumored for weeks looking to purchase favor from Union City mayor and State Senator Brian Stack with an Assembly seat the agreed price on his planned 2013 slate.

Several local media outlets are believed ready to carry the Occhipinti press conference in live blogs online.  The first is another coup for Occhipinti as it’s never been done for the Hoboken mayor.

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