Mike Russo’s surveillance revelation and silence from Beth Mason

Last Sunday, the fact of Councilman Mike Russo’s meeting with the same FBI informant who’s cooperation led to a string of arrests and convictions in NJ and Hudson County produced not a sound on the issue from his city council allies.

Councilwoman Beth Mason who has been known to cry foul in what she typically calls any “appearance of impropriety,” shows no interest whatsoever in the fundamental issue of corruption regarding her ally Mike Russo.

Beth Mason and Mike Russo want to do an investigation.  Their witch hunt may differ with what the public has in mind worth investigating.  A Mason mailer just mentioned Mike Russo’s father ineligibly receiving taxpayer benefits for one.

Other than sending out a press release on college basketball, Beth Mason has chosen to team up with Mike Russo to begin an investigation – an investigation they say is required due to the “politicization,” of the city website. 

The city website has been overhauled completely from the days where former Mayor Roberts would be shown in half a dozen pictures doing ribbon cutting ceremonies on the home page and not much else.  It now features a number of innovations such as tracking the City HOP system, a new text based system for hailing taxi’s, online registration for recreation among others.

Last week, the Hudson Reporter was first in picking up on Sunday’s MSV story on Mike Russo’s secret meeting with Solomon Dwek.  Russo claimed the story was old and had been reported earlier but as MSV noted earlier, no reporter confirmed any previous story on the matter.

Talking Ed Note: The Mason-Russo team wants to do an investigation?  Well there’s plenty worth investigating.  How about an investigation into the paid health benefits to ex-mayor Anthony Russo?  Is there anything else worth investigating?

Beth Mason just sent out a mailer in the second ward mentioning the issue of the taxpayer benefits that should not have been paid out to Mike Russo’s father.  She makes some odd connection of that to the surplus.  Wonder how kindly the ‘Association,’ will take to that?

Mason mailer graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger:

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