Mike Russo searches for items to criticize in the State of the City address

Councilman Mike Russo is circulating his editorial on the State of the City address.  Notably, both he and his cousin Councilwoman Terry Castellano did not attend the event.  

This commentary frankly sounds particularly hollow, fails to even address the major points of the address in any serious way and has some old tepid arguments regurgitated by Beth Mason’s ghostwriting Mason411 attack dog.

Frankly, it’s somewhat sad to see this.  Mike Russo could have contacted me and I could give him some rational, coherent points to offer a real useful critique. 

With all the budget reductions the mayor has done in her limited time at the helm, this is frankly an astoundingly bad rebuttal, if one can even call it that.  It’s notable that the first point submitted originally sent to the Jersey Journal has been deleted.  In that editorial, Mike Russo said the event was not available in a webcast.  

Not only did the City broadcast the SOTC live on, Mile Square View used that feed to broadcast the address live as well.

An independent observer on the Hoboken scene of standing, the NY Times noted in a feature recently it was Mike Russo’s father, Anthony Russo who as mayor ignored the advice of engineers and refused to replace wood pilings at the waterfront leading to another massive bill today of $20 million.

The Russo family’s cost to the city of Hoboken is a tally that never seems to end.

To the editor:

I hope you’ll give me an opportunity to respond to a few of Mayor Zimmer’s comments at her recent State of the City Address. As is often the case with Mayor Zimmer, what she chooses to say isn’t always as revealing as what she chooses to leave out. For instance:

The mayor says: “Personnel costs represent the vast majority of our operating budget, and we cannot cut spending without addressing salaries and staffing levels.”

The mayor failed to mention that on the very day she announced the police layoffs, she handed out raises to her public relations man and her personal aide. She has also increased the number of directors and increased the salaries of several others, making the city more top heavy.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer pauses during an interruption of applause at the SOTC address.  Mike Russo didn’t like the speech and offers some rather shallow criticisms in his re-edited rebuttal.

The mayor says: “Going forward, we must avoid being penny wise and dollar foolish. If the City Council works with me to maintain a responsible level of Cash Surplus, we can improve our bond rating and achieve even more savings in the future. Our surplus is not a luxury, it’s a necessity if we’re going to be able meet the future needs of our City.”

The mayor fails to mention what the actual surplus is. The mayor’s so-called fiscal responsibility is easy to accomplish when you have millions of dollars in taxpayer money set aside for pet projects and politically convenient “tax relief” come election time. It’s not her money. It belongs to taxpayers, and Mayor Zimmer should give it back.

The mayor says: “Our crumbling waterfront clearly demonstrates that it is just as irresponsible to not spend money on the things that you need as it is to spend money on things that you don’t need … I cannot take back the decisions of the past, but it is my job to solve the problems for the future.”

The mayor seems to think that our waterfront was always the jewel of North Jersey. Before she even moved to town, many residents from all across Hoboken fought for the open space that we all enjoy today. When it suits her purposes, the mayor will take credit for waterfront accomplishments, like Pier C Park and the park at Maxwell Place. But when it’s not politically convenient, she pushes the blame on every administration that preceded hers.

Then, she says: “With shipworms eating our waterfront, termites at City Hall, and flooding, I sometimes feel like I am taking on the plagues of Hoboken.”  This line is especially offensive to me and to many residents of Hoboken. It reveals a great deal about the mayor’s point of view. There are no plagues in Hoboken, Mayor Zimmer. This is a beautiful city with wonderful people. I hope one day you’ll consider it a blessing to serve her citizens.

I believe Mayor Zimmer when she says she wants to work with the council, and that she wants what’s best for Hoboken. I look forward to hearing from her again when she presents her municipal budget next week. Maybe the mayor can renew a time-honored Hoboken tradition when the mayor attended all city council meetings. She’d be most welcome.

Michael Russo

Third Ward Councilman

Talking Ed Note: Mason411, re: Hoboken411’s ghostwriting minion did not appear at the SOTC.  Instead it appears he stayed away working on the official Mike Russo “response.”  Unfortunately his penchant for pathological lying was what began right out of the gate:

 Mason411 carried her ally Mike Russo’s “response,’ immediately the next day which began with a lie so obvious it was deleted before being resent to Hoboken Patch.

Perry Klaussen showed up in the balcony at Stevens, not to record the event, but to take photos of people he could attack and later photoshop in the brand of hate journalism he and Beth Mason’s other minion employ on a regular basis.

On arrival MSV heard from a member of the public Perry Klaussen was taking pictures of people in the balcony.  MSV went upstairs to see and took a few pictures too.  Not a word was exchanged as another reporter witnessed the intellectual response by Hoboken’s censoring, free speech hating website owner.

The photos are now part of a story on The Hoboken Journal detailing Perry Klaussen’s annual attack on dwarfism and Tony Soares.

No word if Beth Mason will go on a condemnation shopping tour to the Anti-Defamation League and other organizations to direct criticism to her Boys of Hate at Mason411.


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