Mike Russo officially a star: bribe video goes viral

MSV saw a big traffic bump this last week due to breaking the Mike Russo corruption story in Hoboken as described in the new book “The Jersey Sting.”

But things exploded today and it was clear something bigger was going on.  (This in spite of Hoboken411 re: Beth Mason trying to keep a lid on it and not breathing a word on any of it.  So much for the “appearance of impropriety” Councilwoman.)

Well the story has gone national.  It was picked up on and has been generating interest from all over North America.

Fark posted the story among its hot picks: Red Alert: Mike Russo Bribe Video generating thousands of readers and listing the NJ Councilman under their category of “dumbass.”

The Hudson Reporter is now reporting the latest Mike Russo ruse.  He’s calling the money laundering operation discussed with the FBI informant a “fundraising meeting.”

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