Mike Russo: ‘Get out of my way and behind ME for mayor!’

Third ward councilman Mike Russo, the formerly accepted de facto leader of the Old Guard is deciding the time to be de facto anything in the background is a time overdue.

According to a report on InsiderNJ, Russo is actively negotiating with the pending Anthony “Stick” Romano for mayor campaign his list of demands not to run for mayor.

Earlier, MSV described Russo the heir to the Russo Clan as nominally behind Councilman Mike DeFusco’s bid for mayor.

Old Guard Russo magic however sees the fairy dust spreading out over the land and is thinking why wait four mayor years to rehabilitate his image on FBI surveillance tape.

Councilman Michael Russo strikes a pose during a City Council meeting in this vintage photo.
He’s reportedly in negotiations with the pending Romano campaign whereby he either gets a big piece of pie
with council picks, director and municipal selections or he throws his own hat in for mayor.

Some aren’t sure the negotiations will reach an acceptable conclusion for him as in 2009 when he told FBI informant Solomon Dwek on video he had selected all there of Beth Mason’s council at-large slate in her doomed campaign for mayor and would hold a veto proof “super majority” as he called it.

If negotiations fail to produce what Michael Russo demands, i.e., council picks, director selections and municipal jobs, expect to see Mike Russo for Mayor signs to quickly spring up all over Church Towers.

From the report:

With Councilman Ravi Bhalla announcing he’s running for mayor and receiving Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s endorsement, most political observers including this one anticipated Stick Romano entering the race this week. Perhaps Romano will or he won’t but Friday would seem to be a deadline for serious action. Lack of decisiveness is long past and Romano many believe must make his move with or without HudCo standing by his side.

Meanwhile, a blood feud erupted with a DeFusco fundraiser who once worked for Mayor Zimmer in a similar capacity and Romano earlier this week. The report says they were nose to nose at Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop’s fundraiser in a war of words over who has bigger cohones or some such fighting words.

According to the report, the showdown materialized like this:

“Romano and DeFusco operative Ray Ferraioli found each other in the steakhouse crowd.
DeFusco wants the votes of those anti-Zimmer people.
So does Romano.
So Ferraioli and Romano had words.
Ferraioli buffaloed the former cop, and Romano got up in Ferraioli’s face, nose to nose, the hair going back on the neck of each and nostrils flaring, sources said.
Ferraioli told Romano that at least DeFusco ran against Zimmer.
The freeholder didn’t have the guts, he said – or words to that effect.
Romano hated that.
The allies of the Hoboken councilman say Stick, as he’s known, is not a serious candidate, and if he were serious the HCDO would have already issued one of its press releases embracing his candidacy.
The story doesn’t end there. It also speaks about the Old Guard urging City Council President Jen Giattino to enter the race as she “sniffs out” the landscape, presumably as it’s beneficial to one of more potential Old Guard candidacies.
Who’s in, out getting in as discussed earlier is all in a state of flux. To date, those officially in the race are Councilman Mike DeFusco, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, local businesswoman Karen Nason and Hoboken activist Ronald Bautista.
The only sure thing other than death and taxes is that this lineup will change come September and definitely by November.

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