Migdalia Pagan Milano Calls on DeFusco to Remove Ryan Yacco from his Council Campaign

Official release:

Migdalia Pagan Milano, a candidate for Ward 1 Council, today called on Councilman Mike Defusco to remove his campaign manager, political consultant Ryan Yacco from his Council campaign.
Yacco’s and  Matt Calicchio’s testimony in the Frank Raia vote buying trial yesterday revealed that Yacco through his firm, Bluewater Operations was at the center of the vote buying scheme, writing more than $15,000 worth of checks to individuals paid $50 each to vote for Raia and against rent control.  According to witness testimony, the money was funneled through Yacco’s firm as a way to hide the transactions and avoid campaign finance reporting requirements.
Migdalia Pagan Milano said, “I call on Councilman DeFusco to remove Ryan Yacco from his campaign.  Mr. Yacco was at the heart of an illegal vote-buying scheme. We must send a message that this kind of blatant political corruption is no longer tolerated in Hoboken.”
Migdalia Pagan Milano is a lifelong resident who began working with the community as an assistant in the Cultural Affairs Department for the City for Hoboken. She was instrumental in organizing Hoboken’s first Pride week. Currently, Migdalia works in the newly reconstituted Department of Constituent Affairs where she effectively finds solutions to residents’ day to day issues. 
Ryan Yacco is DeFusco’s campaign manager and served in that capacity in his Mayoral campaign as well. He also worked on Peter Cammarano’s mayoral campaign.

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