Michigan Supreme Court: “Evidence compelling,” President Trump vows no surrender to “most corrupt election”

The Michigan Supreme Court declined to grant an injunction halting state election procedure yesterday while pointing to the evidence of vote fraud and irregularities presented by the Trump Campaign as “compelling.”

Late yesterday, Michigan approved certification of its election as further litigation is insured by the Trump Campaign which may find itself among states on an inevitable path to the US Supreme Court.

The 6-1 decision pointed to an earlier controversial Wayne County vote approving its certification where two of its four members were openly threatened with one member’s seeing the school of their children doxed.

 Both Republicans members of the four person county board offered a “yes” vote when the county legal counsel insisted they had to do so and a resolution promising an audit of the vote. 

The next day they announced their vote was rescinded as Democrat officials said no audit was mandated.

Democrat Media and Big Tech are united in presenting a united face of “no evidence” to the widespread allegations of vote fraud in Detroit and other battleground states. 

The Michigan Supreme Court members noted the evidence described as “compelling” and worthy of immediate reapplication.

Michigan Supreme Court Justice Brian Zahra described the evidence as “troubling and serious allegations of fraud and irregularities” offered in affidavits.

Those affidavits constitute evidence ignored by the partisan press and Big Tech. 

Another Justice, David Viviano noted any Michigan elector may request an audit without specifying details rhetorically asking if a “postmortem” on the election is all that is permitted?

Pointing to the questions raised in the suit, Viviano said, the nature of the allegations and evidence presented “go to the heart of our democracy” and merit being heard by the Supreme Court adding, “They deserver serious treatment.”

A refiling of the allegations by the Trump Campaign is anticipated this week with a request for an emergent hearing in the court by next week.

In other related news yesterday, Antifa, a hard core Leftist group Joe Biden called an “idea” is threatening further real world violence if President Trump does not halt legal challenges to widespread vote fraud allegations across battleground states

President Trump vowed Monday to “never concede” to the “most corrupt election in American political history” partly in response to Democrat media conclusion his allowance of preliminary transitional support with the GSA as conceding the election.

Does this sound like a concession?

This news article is dedicated to BF and his love of fake news no matter how often proven false.

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