Michele Russo lectures Jake Stuiver on ‘character’

Affordable housing squatter Michele Russo, wife of former mayor and felon Anthony Russo spoke at the HHA meeting last Thursday.  She directed her pointed criticism at Chairman Jake Stuiver.

The infamous Russo couple, the first clan of corruption has cleaned up in Hoboken “making” untold millions (even while holding a debt to Hoboken of over $300,000) while living in Church Towers, a tax subsidized centrally located series of building where minorities are notoriously absent and no one gets in as residents there whisper without their approval.

The HHA’s approximately 4,000 residents consist of mostly minorities.  Those who see their income status improve are never given opportunity to move “uptown” as they call it to Church Towers.

The attack here on Jake Stuiver is less personal and more about green as in the loot.  The 20/20 plan came up more than once that evening, a desperately sought cash cow bonanza for Old Guard connected developers, realtors, brokers, construction firms and of course – the OG themselves.

Executive Director Carmelo Garcia is expected to deliver that bounty.  Initially, he eagerly proposed a gigantic monolith of buildings, dwarfing the current HHA area double in size and even more density – with no open space or parks.  It was wall to wall towering cement blocks maximizing profit – for those connected to the Old Guard.

They’d pack those resident like sardines in so thick, it’d fit right in on the Gaza Strip.

Get the picture?

Talking Ed Note: Michele Russo and Da Horsey had a brief, polite and spontaneous exchange on procedure regarding a motion to table. We were interrupted by an unwelcome Englewood Cliffs interloper, former councilman Chris Campos.

The same Chris Campos who earlier during the recess came over to Da Horsey who was stationed quietly along the wall during the meeting recess inside of two feet spouting four words, “Are you threatening me?” Campos then pointed behind himself to no one in particular where the crowd sat saying within earshot of a police officer a resident said a threat had been made against him.

A dismissive reply and more heat with others interjecting led to HPD Lt. Campbell intervening and advising comments be directed to the board, ending Campos’ attempt to have Da Horsey arrested.

It was no small irony as earlier outside the meeting, MSV ran into Campos said hello and told him he spoke well when he addressed the board adding there was not agreement with the substance of his remarks.  Chatting for several minutes, a mention was made of the illicit voting abuses escalated (under Tim Occhipinti).  That Campos would later make such a thuggish play changed the positive perspective.  

Chris Campos had a legendary series of battles with then council candidate Dawn Zimmer back in 2007. 

Da Horsey got a lot of attention at this meeting.  Is it because of the investigative reporting and stories showing the exploitation of Hoboken’s most vulnerable population such as this:

There’s a rumor afloat if Tim Occhipinti calls Da Horsey a hypocrite one more time, MSV will be issued a key to the City.  Sadly, this rumor must be dispelled.  We’ll need at least two more insults from the low/big browed Occhipinti before such consideration is warranted.

For the moment, all we can say is thank you very much Timmy Occhipinti!

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