Michele Russo cleans up with new gig – scoring benefits

Michele Russo, mother of 3rd ward Councilman Mike Russo is reported to have landed a plum gig as head of housekeeping at the County Plaza Building in New Jersey.

The new job, noted by Al Sullivan in the Hudson Reporter earlier today is rumored to come with a salary of approximately $50,000 – and health care benefits.

Sources independently confirmed the benefits were the plum sought after ex-mayor and felon Anthony Russo was detected illicitly receiving them since 2005 and had been removed from the city health plan last spring. The reinstatement occurred during Mayor Dave Roberts’ watch, after Russo had been released from prison for extortion.

The estimated cost for the taxpayer paid benefits was said to be between $80,000 – 100,000.

Michele “five bucks a tow” Russo seen here last September at a City Council meeting.
She’s bringing home the bacon with benefits since Anthony Russo was removed from the City’s taxpayer paid bennies.

An audit late last year conducted by the City discovered two people were receiving benefits who did not qualify.

There’s no details on how the county position was advertised or who if anyone actually interviewed for the position. MSV inquired and will look to follow up this story.

Talking Ed Note: In these difficult times, when looting the city treasury and the Hoboken taxpayer is anathema under new management re: Mayor Zimmer, it’s good to see the County machine takes care of their own.

The HCDO County Chair Mark Smith of Bayonne last May endorsed a Hoboken Michele Russo Democratic Committee slate bumping off the slate previous representatives under Hoboken Chair Ravi Bhalla.

Hudson County recently announced another round of tax increases including Hoboken.
Here’s where some of it is going.

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