Michael Russo fighting for the taxpayers? City Council @ 7:00?

Michael Russo fighting for the taxpayers?

Stop laughing because tonight you will be hearing Councilman Michael Russo in all his Russo clan grifting glory as he tells everyone with a straight face how a protest walkout is akin to breaking your oath of office.

What he won’t say is how he broke his oath of office captured on FBI surveillance tape and if he or his clan had any shame they would count themselves fortunate not to be serving 10-20 in federal prison and leave town with their ill-gotten gains.

Are we to believe that the FBI video with informant Solomon Dwek was the only time Michael Russo ever told someone to pass the greenbacks his way or make a check out to “Russo for Hoboken?”

The apple don’t fall far from the tree and the Russo family is into Hoboken for hundreds of thousands on the record and who knows how much under the table?  Between the old man Pa Russo who holds a bill for over $300K and the insurance fraud with benefits he and Ma Russo saw after he got out of the can, the Russo’s are into Hoboken with interests somewhere in the neighborhood of half a million dollars.  

That’s right we’re talking HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!  That’s 2,000,000 quarters to you who prefer counting by the old Hoboken parking meter system.

Talking Ed Note: These people have no shame.  They just ask for your cooperation, your acquiescence and your silence so they can continue to “work” the system of which they are “entitled.”

One or two voices doesn’t accomplish anything.  It’s either a group speaking out followed by the Feds making a sweep or they just go on their merry way.

It’s what they do and who they are.

Resolution no. 2 should begin early this evening and is on the agenda here. The full resolutions are available at the link here.

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