Michael DeFusco on the Municipal Garage: let’s work together to find a solution

At the last City Council meeting, first ward council candidate Michael DeFusco decried the lack of progress in identifying a new home for the Hoboken Municipal Garage.

Taking dead aim at his election opponent, Councilwoman Terry Castellano, his criticism noted she was incapable of working with the administration to find a workable solution. Castellano has been a vehement critic and opponent of all things Hoboken’s Mayor Dawn Zimmer and came within an eyelash of seeing Hoboken University Medical Center shut crippling the City’s finances and losing more than a thousand jobs in Hoboken.

DeFusco says he’ll bring a new energy to the position and can work with the administration and others something he infers clearly his opponent can not.

He also voiced support on behalf of acquring the six acres BASF site for a Hoboken park.

Castellano is seeking re-election in November which would bring her to potentially a quarter century in the office.

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It’s unforgettable Councilwoman Castellano began the remarks of the council in a plea from Mayor Zimmer by saying there were “other bidders” while the hospital was running on fumes.

The claim of other bidders was nothing more than a frivolous fabrication.

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