Mello and Marsh blow Mason meeting, quorum “fail” ends closed session

Councilwoman Beth Mason’s meeting ended suddenly when Councilmembers Dave Mello and Carol Marsh left the closed session.

Council members voting for closed session before the quorum and the official meeting halted were Tim Occhipinti, Nino Giachhi, Terry Castellano and Beth Mason.

No action can be taken without a required five voting members present.

No quorum, no meeting. Councilwoman Beth Mason sits at the middle of the table while Councilman Nino Giacchi leaves after Councilmembers Dave Mello and Carol Marsh ended the closed session by departing.

Talking Ed Note: Outside City Hall, a reporter asked Councilwoman Beth Mason about the meeting saying, “It’s a fail right?”  Beth Mason replied no, but she seemed less than pleased with the outcome to put it mildly.

To the questions about Councilman Mike Russo.  It’s true he was not at the Council meeting and also not seen at Room 84 for the Committee meeting.  Normally posing the question would be logical, but you’d have to expect a logical truthful answer.  We don’t.

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