Mayor’s Office: Public Safety Audit – It’s a go!

Here’s the Office of the Mayor’s response to the year end request from Hoboken Revolt and our story “The Revolt will not be Televised” re: audits.  

Dear Hoboken Revolt Steering Committee,

I write in response to your letter requesting information regarding the status of making the Public Safety Audit and operational audits available to the public.

I agree with you and the many Hoboken residents that believe an open and accountable City government is in the best interest of all parties.

As you noted in your letter, I called for the release of the public safety audits early in 2009, and I am pleased to inform you that just this afternoon, State DLG (Division of Local Government Services) Director Jacobbuci told me that the Police audit is in the final editing stage.  She committed to provide the Police Audit to the City by January 18th.    Once the City receives the document I will provide Police Chief Falco and Public Safety Director Alicea with one week to review the audit before it is released publicly.

Unfortunately the State did not complete departmental audits or an audit of the Fire Dept.  Therefore my Administration is currently working to further evaluate all city operations. 
In addition, we are diligently working to make City Hall and all of the Hoboken government open and available to all residents.  We have and will continue to implement processes and procedures to make applicable records and information readily available.  Next month, thanks to a grant from the County, experts will be on-site assisting with reviewing all documents on the 3rd floor of City Hall.  Plans are underway to enhance the City Hall website to improve access to records electronically.

I appreciate the opportunity to provide you with the information I have available on this matter and the steps I have and will continue to take to obtain the requested information.

Mayor Zimmer 

Photo: Mayor Dawn Zimmer pictured Thursday at City Hall.  All Rights Reserved.

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