Mayor’s Office back to setting Hoboken up on massive redevelopment downtown

Here’s the very late notice that comes only a day before the Wednesday night meeting where a City Council vote will be held on the controversial Hoboken Yard Redevelopment.

The warning has been sounded last years and years ago and local activists surrounding the decades-long battle over development are stunned at how this massive redevelopment is being shoveled at Hoboken residents.

There are some changes since the public backlash against Mayor Ravi Bhalla and the non-transparent efforts he attempted in passing the amendments. He would later point at and attempt to blame the council for his efforts with the well-connected statewide big construction special interests.

While a councilman, Ravi Bhalla’s client was NJ Transit. This was pointed out as problematic here during the 2017 mayoral election. While conflicted from voting and stopped only by his colleagues, Ravi Bhalla’s relationship obtaining the endorsement of other big construction special interests was a further warning sign. Those statewide big construction special interests reared its head again backing Ravi Bhalla’s failed council slate last November.

Enough of the Hoboken public responded at the polls and late last year to stymie these big construction efforts and see some changes, albeit limited in their scope and permanence.

Among the current changes in the redevelopment:

A “starting point” 200-foot tower at the base of Hudson Street downtown pegged at 13 stories.
An alternative 300-foot tower is connected to unstated community improvements.

It’s unclear what community offerings would merit consideration for the 300-foot tower.

A second downtown tower, pegged at 330 feet is slated for commercial converting from residential. This is a major change in line with the previous administration’s focus on seeing more commercial and less residential especially in business-friendly areas near the Lackawanna Terminal.

In addition, this site proposes 269 parking spaces. There’s no question this will severely impact Hoboken’s quality of life and wreak havoc on traffic with the limited artery of movement in and out of downtown. Although a transit and traffic study was raised in the City Council, there’s been no effort to conduct an impact study on Hoboken.

The clock is running out, as planned and Hoboken is not the primary beneficiary.

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Monday January 20, 2020, 5:00 PM

City of Hoboken, NJ

Community: Special City Council meeting on Wednesday regarding proposed amendment to Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan
Dear Horsey,

The Hoboken City Council will host a Special City Council meeting on Wednesday, January 22 at 7:00 pm to consider an amendment to the Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan. If the amendment is adopted on first reading, it will be considered on second reading at the next regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

The Hoboken Yard Redevelopment Plan, which was originally adopted by the Hoboken City Council in 2014, provided a plan vision and framework for transit-oriented development in the area adjacent to the New Jersey Transit Rail Yard. The proposed amendment recognizes the proposed location of the Rebuild by Design flood protection structure, which will lie within the redevelopment area. The proposed amendment, which provides for less overall development as compared to the 2014 plan, can be found in draft format by clicking here.

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