Mayoral Candidate Ruben Ramos launches Facebook page with council slate

Here’s the Facebook page launched by Ruben Ramos:

Team Ramos: Joe Mindak, Laura Miani, Ruben Ramos and Eduardo Gonzalez

Talking Ed Note: MSV would strongly suggest comment discussion focus on issues. Other comments wishing to make comparisons to other officials past and present should be made with supporting reasons.  Exactly how is a reader to accept a conclusion otherwise?

Ruben Ramos is not a fan of MSV.  Da Horsey has broken some sort of unwritten rule book in Hoboken.  You aren’t suppose to discuss certain topics like nepotism, voter fraud, HHA exploitation, etc.  That’s the impression here but it’s undoubtedly completely unknown to his council slate members.

Ramos has a long political record in and outside of Hoboken.  It will be an issue for discussion at length as the mayor’s record.

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