Mayor Zimmer with Doyle, Mello and Bhalla go full throttle Monday

Next week the full out battle for the heart and soul of Hoboken commences when Mayor Zimmer and her council at-large ticket of Jim Doyle, Dave Mello and Ravi Bhalla open their campaign office on 1st and Garden Street.

Mayor Zimmer and the incumbent council members will have a strong record along with a place to spread word how they saved Hoboken University Medical Center and with it over 1,000 jobs and the fiscal life of Hoboken for one.

For another, they brought true fiscal responsibility in the City’s annual budgets cutting spending and reducing taxes every single year at the helm.

They did this with a non-stop barrage of hostility from the Old Guard City Council members and their entrenched allies who seek to get back on the gravy train.

The campaign’s email:

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Today, we’re proud to announce the opening of the Zimmer Team office.  This new office will be a place for all of us to congregate, plan together and work to make sure we continue to Lead Hoboken Forward.  I am writing to invite you to join us once again.

On Monday September 16th from 7-9pm
We invite you to join us in the celebration of our new office,
located at 98 Garden Street

Only a few short years ago we joined together as a part of the Hoboken community to fix a broken City government: We inherited 80% tax increases, state fiscal supervision, insider development deals for a special few and pervasive political corruption. Together, we’ve put Hoboken back on the right path restoring fiscal responsibility and integrity to City Hall. And together we are to ensure a bright future for the City we all love.
So as we open this new office, this is not just any campaign office. This is your office. Ravi, David, Jim and I only work with your support.  I hope you will join us once again in ushering in the beginning of a space filled with purpose, and a campaign filled with spirit and passion.

Dawn Zimmer for Mayor

Talking Ed Note: Campaign season is official with word of the latest Masonic push poll over at Grafix Avenger.  MSV understands the failed 2009 Beth Mason campaign theme “One Hoboken” is fully incorporated in her vessel, Timmy Occhipinti’s mayoral campaign.

Beth Mason received the bad news from the Frank “Pupie” Raia poll in June she’d sooner be voted dog catcher in Hoboken before mayor but neither is possible before hell freezes over.

Enter the reliably compliant Timmy Occhipinti, a Beth Mason Old Guard creation in the spirit if not intellect of Peter Cammarano.

Monday night the battle of Hoboken’s grass roots vs. Old Guard loot (or is it looters) goes mano a mano.
Hoboken’s future is in your hands. Seize it.

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