Mayor Zimmer to Vote for Parents for Progress

A letter from Mayor Dawn Zimmer on the upcoming Board of Education election this Tuesday.

Dear Horsey and MSV readers:
Since first being elected to the Hoboken City Council in 2007, I have always publicly shared my thoughts with respect to Hoboken’s annual School Board elections.  This year’s election is taking place this coming Tuesday, November 4, and I will be casting my vote for the Parents For Progress slate consisting of Monica Stromwall, Sharyn Angley and Antonio Gray.
While I do not know the candidates well, I had the opportunity recently to sit down and speak with them about the issues facing our schools.  I share their excitement about the enormous progress the Hoboken School district has made in recent years.   In fact, last week my husband and I, together with our 13 year old son Alex (an 8th grader at the Elysian Charter School), attended the Hoboken High School open house and were all extremely impressed.   As we walked home,  Alex let us know that he has decided to attend Hoboken High School next year because of the opportunities it provides to high achieving students for independent study.
Perhaps the most controversial issue with regard to Hoboken Schools at this time concerns the decision of the Hoboken School Board to oppose in Court the State’s decision to permit the expansion of the HoLa Charter school to 7th and 8th grade.  I have made clear my support of the State’s decision to permit the expansion, and while I respect the School Board’s right to take the steps that it has in opposition, I have made clear my strong disagreement with their decision to do so.   In my conversation with the Parents For Progress candidates, I was pleased to learn that the candidates’ views reflect a spectrum of opinion with regard to this and other issues relating to the relationship between the traditional School District and our Charter Schools.  I believe that this diversity of opinion would be a real asset to the School Board going forward.
I respect the Parents for Progress candidates for their decision to run independently of any political affiliation and hope that, if elected, they will make their voices heard not only in agreement but, when appropriate, in dissent.  This would help the School Board as a whole make the best decisions possible for Hoboken’s children.  That’s why on Tuesday I will be casting my vote for 2-3-5 Stromwall, Angley and Gray.   
Mayor Dawn Zimmer
Mayor Dawn Zimmer last night
at the Freeholders Meeting

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