Mayor Zimmer to Stick Romano: ‘What you’re doing to Hoboken Dems is a disgrace’

November elections arrive in Hoboken summer as political rhetoric heats up

The leaves and sunset hour indicates we’re in the kickoff to summer but the bickering and lancing of political opponents says Hoboken is moving to fall election mode.

As flaring tempers, raging egos, booming ambition, and shady power plays erupt among the Old Guard, Hoboken’s Reform supporters watch from the sidelines as the local Democratic Party mimics a pinata whacked about with the goodies falling.

At least that’s the view from the Hoboken public who have become increasingly disenchanted with the state of the new Hoboken Democratic Party witnessing its bylaws trampled so severely, Mayor Dawn Zimmer has exercised her voice as both a local committeewoman and mayor calling out the new Chairman, Anthony “Stick” Romano to account.

The recent videos of the Hoboken Democratic Committee meeting perfectly reflect the chasm between Hoboken’s Old Guard and the Reform Movement. It’s a reminder of past vs. present and a possible precursor to a 2017 mayoral showdown between Mayor Zimmer and Freeholder Romano for the second floor office at City Hall.

In a late Friday email, Mayor Zimmer blasted Romano on multiple fronts as exclusive video of the event has brought into question Hoboken’s Old Guard once again, the self-styled “leaders” vying for control over Old Hoboken and feel entitled to the spoils of any budget they wrest control.

The mayor slammed Freeholder Romano who assumed control as the self-styled “compromise candidate” quelling concerns about Beth Mason being handed the position of chair both in Hoboken and Hudson County where her carpetbagger status has made her persona non grata.

Romano hosed that fire but saw himself in the middle of another storm as the Ruben Ramos-Michael Russo faction attempted to stomp the Frank “Pupie” Raia opponents out of existence for the latter’s 2013 mayoral run ruining any chance at Ramos’ efforts to unseat Mayor Zimmer.

The mayor however is focused on the damage being done presently to the local Democratic Committee and she’s seen enough. After a rather tepid critique from Romano offering ‘politics as usual,’ the mayor laid down the gauntlet writing in withering fire:

“This is not about politics, The diversity requirements included in the Hoboken Democratic Party by-laws reflect the core principles of the Democratic Party, something Chairman Romano clearly does not understand,” she said.

“It is a disgrace that Mr. Romano, who is not only Democratic Party Chairman, but an elected Democratic Freeholder, does not understand either the importance of having women in party leadership roles, or the importance of telling the truth.” 

All of this is a precursor to the fall showdown where legislative control in Hoboken and six ward seats on the City Council is on the line in November elections.

What it means now and then is the fodder for further Horsey analysis and prognostication.

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Anthony “Stick” Romano is being blasted by Mayor Zimmer for the woeful state of the
Hoboken Democratic Committee recently taken over by the Old Guard with him atop.
The bylaws flouted at every turn led to Mayor Zimmer, a committeewoman blasting
Romano for the indiscretions under his watch just two weeks old.

Talking Ed Note: While the antis, the voices virulently against Mayor Zimmer and Reform are fighting to elevate themselves some rabid voices are laying countering fire over on Hudson County View.

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