Mayor Zimmer to NJ Attorney General: ‘Investigate the Vote by Mail fraud’

Office of the Mayor announces:


Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer today called on the Hudson County Superintendent of Elections and the New Jersey Attorney General to conduct a full investigation into allegations of improprieties in Vote by Mail ballots during the November, 2013 election.
Almost 300 Vote by Mail ballots, approximately 22% of the Vote by Mail ballots cast in Hoboken, were rejected by the County Board of Elections due to a variety of concerns including signature match and undisclosed assistance. This large number of rejected ballots has led to an election challenge of the rejection of a ballot initiative proposing changes to the City’s rent control law by 122 votes.  If the Superior Court determines that some or all of the rejected ballots should have been counted, then those Vote by Mail ballots will decide the future of rent control in Hoboken.

“Both the Superior Court and the public must have the information they need to evaluate whether the rejected ballots were lawfully cast,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “This issue has seriously eroded the confidence of our citizens in the integrity of our election process, and it is imperative that a full investigation be conducted so that the public can have confidence that proper result has been achieved.”

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