Mayor Zimmer pays old $4.2 million bill, more ahead

Office of the Mayor announces:


Having completed its first full week of self-rule free of fiscal monitoring oversight, Mayor Dawn Zimmer highlighted some of the steps taken by her Administration to correct mistakes of the past and position Hoboken for a more responsible and fiscally secure future. 
Hoboken‘s days of kicking the can down the road and leaving the check for our kids to pick up are over,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “My Administration will always put the City’s interests ahead of the short-sighted political expediency that brought us to this point.”
After conducting an actuarial review, the City of Hoboken last week paid the State of New Jersey $4.2 million for an illegal early retirement incentive plan implemented by the Roberts Administration. The City is pursuing alternatives to recouping funds.
“We are quite literally paying for the mistakes of the past,” noted Zimmer. “With proper research, we would have known that this was illegal. We didn’t create this mess, but we will clean it up and leave Hoboken a better place for the next generation.”
The relocation of the Municipal Garage, which was sold five years ago, is a major challenge inherited by the Zimmer Administration.
“They sold the garage, spent the money to plug budget holes, and never planned for where to relocate,” said Zimmer. “That kind of recklessness threatens Hoboken‘s future and will not be tolerated in my Administration. I’m not simply determined to solve this problem; I’m committed to making sure we don’t find ourselves in this kind of situation in the future. That’s why it’s been a priority of mine to hire the most qualified individuals who base decisions solely on their professional judgment and on what is best for the City.”
On May 12th, Mayor Zimmer traveled to Trenton and appeared before the Local Finance Board to argue for the City’s release from state oversight. The board voted unanimously to eliminate fiscal monitoring oversight, four months ahead of schedule.Hoboken‘s first day free of oversight from State Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi was Monday, May 17th.
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