Mayor Zimmer on Vision 20/20’s proposed massive HHA expansion: None shall pass

Mayor Zimmer’s reply to HHA ED Carmelo Garcia’s and Old Guard extortion demand an unequivocal “no”

Mayor Zimmer who has benefited greatly for being underestimated in her years in office as Hoboken’s Chief Executive drew a line in the sand when the shucking and jiving ED of the HHA Carmelo Garcia came calling on the Old Guard’s wet dream of expanding the most problematic part of town with its proposed 1800 plus units grown from about 800 current in the fourth ward.

Like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, she means to put life and limb into combat holding the line.

Unlike the weapons deployed against her on saving the hospital by the nefarious cynical Old Council members: Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti – this isn’t even a fair fight.

Garcia has a far better chance of moving Applied Housing residents from uptown into the HHA then he’ll ever have pulling the wool over the mayor’s eyes.

That goes double for Ruben Ramos.  Let the games and Michael Russo’s hollering “racist” ensue!

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