Mayor Zimmer on Russo bribe tape: ‘Let’s get it all out’

Office of the Mayor announces:


I am deeply disturbed by the content of the recently released FBI surveillance tapes of Councilman Russo’s meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek. I have watched portions of the tapes, and if reports of what was said throughout are true, then it is of significant concern to the residents of Hoboken and the integrity of our City. 

Given the very serious nature of this matter, my Administration has arranged for the tapes to be transcribed on an expedited basis. The videos, together with transcribed text of the tapes, will ensure a full and fair understanding of the matters that were discussed by the Councilman with the informant.

As Mayor, it is my obligation to address possible wrongdoing and unethical actions that may cause the public to lose trust in the institution that is meant to serve the citizens of Hoboken. Given the possible content of the tapes, which at times is difficult to hear, I believe it is my obligation to ensure a clear understanding of the facts. The transcribed tapes will be released in their entirety when they are completed, and I will be making further comment when I have had a chance to review the full transcriptions.

Thank you.

Mayor Zimmer

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