Mayor Zimmer names three Planning Board members

As reported on the Hoboken Journal earlier today, Mayor Zimmer has appointed three people to new terms on the Planning Board:

Daniel Weaver, Brandy Forbes, and Gary Holtzman are the 2011 Mayoral choices for Hoboken’s Planning Board. Below is a brief note from Gary Holtzman with the definition of what the planning board does. Congratulations to Gary, Daniel and Brandy for their appointments and godspeed to helping plan Hoboken’s future. 

The newest member serving is Gary Holtzman.  Daniel Weaver previously served as 1st alternate along with Brandy Forbes on the board.

Rami Pinchevsky is currently serving on the Planning Board to the end of this year and strongly believed weighing a run against Tim Occhipinti for the 4th ward seat in the May City Council elections.

These appointments are made by the mayor.  There are three Zoning Board appointments that will come from the City Council.  

Congratulations to the new appointees.  The complete December 31 year end Planning Board is illustrated in the chart below.  Say goodbye to anti-Zimmer, anti-Hoboken non-birth certificate holders resident Perry Belfiore.  

Mr. Belfiore asked for an explanation.  MSV does not subscribe to any division in the USA of people by origin of birth.  US citizens all share the same rights as other citizens no matter their place of birth.  People who make Hoboken their home, register to vote have the same rights as any other resident of the town.

This is not Yugoslavia and we will not be Balkanized.

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