Mayor Zimmer: Meet Ravi

The re-elect Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:

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Horsey & MSV readers —

I could not be more proud to have Councilman Ravi Bhalla on my ticket once again.
When Ravi and I took office four years ago, Hoboken had been mismanaged so badly that we were under State fiscal control and had just endured an almost 80% tax increase. In four years, we have accomplished an enormous amount. We cut City taxes almost 12% , passed a balanced, gimmick-free budget four years in a row, saved our failing hospital from closing (and taxpayers from default on a $52 million hospital bond guarantee), opened two new parks, acquired land for new parks, and renovated our existing parks.

I needed Ravi by my side to get these things done for the past four years, and I need him by my side for the next four years to keep the progress going.
Ravi’s strong but calm leadership truly stands out on our City Council. He lays out his positions clearly and logically and always treats his colleagues with respect. Whether it’s promoting parks, fiscal responsibility, or enacting our anti-wheeling campaign finance reform, I can always count on Ravi to be the voice of reason on the City Council.

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Thank you,

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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