Mayor Zimmer infrastructure updates on tap

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Tuesday April 4, 2017

City of Hoboken, NJ

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Community: Update from Mayor Zimmer on Numerous Infrastructure Initiatives
Dear MSV readers,

This week’s City Council agenda includes a number of very important infrastructure initiatives from water main investments to energy resiliency to Southwest Traffic and pedestrian safety improvements and Pier A investments. Below is an overview of items that the Council will be asked to approve at the Council meeting tomorrow:

  1. Water main investments: The agenda includes a $276,000 contract for the design of water main upgrades at priority locations. The locations, which were chosen based on the need for upgrades as well as overlap with the PSE&G energy resiliency project to avoid the need to pave the roadway twice, include:
  • Jefferson St. between 8th St. and 9th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Bloomfield St. between 2nd St. and 4th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Garden St. between 3rd St. and 5th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Monroe St. between 3rd St. and 4th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Monroe St. between 8th St. and 11th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Jefferson St. between 10th St. and 11th St. (overlaps with PSE&G project)
  • Garden St. between 12th St. and 14th St.
  • Garden St. between Observer Hwy and 2nd St.
  1. Electrical substation upgrade for improved energy resiliency: The city is working on a project with PSE&G to fully upgrade our two remaining electrical substations by decommissioning the Marshall Street substation and building a new larger substation at the existing 12th and Madison Street site. The new substation will be designed to integrate with the urban landscape of our City. The following memo provides an overview of the measures the Council will be asked to authorize to move this project forward:
  1. Southwest Traffic Circulation improvements: With the increased population in Jersey City and Hoboken and the increase of pedestrians walking to daycares, gyms, new local businesses, and soon the Southwest Park, it is important to ensure that all modes of transportation can safely and efficiently travel through Southwest Hoboken. The new plan includes opening up Jackson Street to two lanes of traffic while also adding a traffic light at Jackson and Observer so pedestrians can safety cross the street. It will also alleviate the gridlock at the Monroe and Observer intersection and includes other important elements for a comprehensive approach to address the traffic and pedestrian safety challenges in Southwest Hoboken. With the support of the City Council and the County, these important improvements are targeted to be completed by the end of the summer. A presentation of the plan will be made at the City Council meeting.
  1. Pier A: The agenda includes a construction management contract for the repairs of Pier A Park. Improvements are necessary to ensure that our treasured park remains open and safe for the long term. The work will move ahead while, on a parallel track, the City remains in negotiations with the Port Authority and will pursue all legal options related to the use of the South Waterfront Trust Fund that was created as a giveback for the level of development on our waterfront (The fund has over $3 million and generates $1 million annually and should be used for all necessary repairs to Pier A). The park will remain open to the public during repairs.
  1. Northwest Resiliency Park: The Council will be asked to authorize an ordinance to reaffirm the City’s commitment to the construction of a resiliency park that detains stormwater and possibly reuses rain water within the City through the NJ Environmental Infrastructure Trust low-interest loan program which will save the City an estimated $13 million. The approval of this ordinance is required by the NJEIT prior to the start of construction of the temporary Northwest Pop-Up Park. The conceptual plans for the pop-up park can be viewed at

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