Mayor Zimmer hails progress on Washington St. redesign passage

Office of the Mayor announces:

“Thank you to the City Council for expressing support for the Washington Street project at last night’s Council meeting. This important project will include upgrading our water main system for the full length of Washington Street and installing modern traffic signals that can be synchronized to improve traffic flow. The project includes pedestrian countdown timers and bump outs to make our vital commercial street safer for pedestrians. It also includes green infrastructure that will improve the beauty of Washington Street and help with capturing rainwater during storm events. The Council also approved the conduit for a microgrid project that once completed will provide backup power for our critical facilities and make our City a model for energy resiliency.”
“I look forward to working with the City Council going forward to try protected bike lanes on other less commercial and busy city streets. It will also be important to implement new parking policies that will ensure that the Class II bike lanes from Observer Highway to 8th Street, on the traffic side of the roadway that the Council preferred to protected bike lanes, can become a useable and safe bike lane for bicyclists on Washington Street. The approved plan calls for shared lane markings, but not bike lanes, north of 8th Street. For the safety of our community, we need to work together to address our double parking issue, otherwise cyclists will be forced into the traffic lane again and again by all the double parked cars and the numerous car crashes will continue. I want to thank Council President Giattino and the Transportation subcommittee for agreeing to work together to implement new parking policies designed to facilitate more legal parking so that our street is safe and convenient for all modes of transportation, including bicyclists.”
“As a result of last night’s vote, the City will now be able to move forward with the final design details and a bond ordinance for funding this important project.”

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