Mayor Zimmer: “For your own safety, we need everyone to be inside”

Office of the Mayor announces:

In the last hour, it has become very dangerous to be outside. Multiple power lines have come down. Roof and facade materials are detaching and flying off of buildings. A curfew is in effect from 6pm until Tuesday at 1pm. Driving within Hoboken is prohibited. Conditions are most severe along the waterfront.
Traffic signals city-wide have shut down due to a failure of transformer and substation. PSE&G has been notified and is responding as quickly as possible.
“For your own safety, we need everyone to be inside,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We know this is difficult for Hoboken residents, but we appreciate that during this time so many residents are coming together to help each other through this storm.”

Taking Ed Note: No surprise the worst of the storm is beginning to hit.  Pier C is halfway under water, Newark and First is seeing water backing up and the worst is not behind us.

Hoboken Public Safety is overwhelmed.  People need to stay off the streets so problems can be addressed.

High tide is expected to crest at 8:45.

For the most comprehensive information in Hoboken: See the City’s Facebook:

Flooding is said to be making Hoboken “an island” with problems in areas all around town.

Washington Street has seen power lost and regained.  Expect more problems not less.
Area of 10th and Grand reports power is out, likely extending out from there.

Hoboken Cove – Tea Building: the Hudson River is pouring in and flowing to 14th St. and all streets north in-between
14th Street is being called a “moveable feast” with water from the river moving west.
Park Avenue submerged downtown below 100.
1st and 2nd street are flooded and not passable.
1st reported with flooding at Clinton, Jefferson, Grand and Adams
Observer is seeing heavy flooding
Willow is flooded north of 4th St spanning Newark through Garden St.
Madison Street and 10th going north reported “impassable” with four feet of water

Four power towers rumored down in lower Hoboken.

Legal Beans has reportedly collapsed.  This is unconfirmed.
A tree on Willow and 7th has crashed into a home.
Fire reportedly on 13th and Hudson at the basement level.
Someone in a car on 2nd and Grand trapped with rising water.  Not smart. Hoboken Public Safety (HPD) now deploying a boat to get them out.

City is describing flooding at record levels going back to 1800’s. Hurricane is looking like a picnic in comparison.

Idiots reported hanging out in Maxwell Park.  Get off the damn park!

The City of Hoboken now reports:

The Hudson River is flowing into Hoboken from both the north (around 15/16th Streets) and south, over railroad tracks to Observer Highway. If you are in a basement or street level apartment, please go upstairs now. There is major flooding and 70-90mph wind gusts.

One person describes 1st Street as “a river” meaning the Hudson.

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